Responding To Emails

Imagine coming into the office on Monday morning and having over a dozen emails from parents asking for the same information. With The Digital Bell you can easily post this information on your website and social media sites with just a few clicks.

Answering Phone Calls

Have you ever answered the phone early in the morning with a friendly voice to answer a parent's question, only to find that tone difficult to maintain after the same question is asked another 20 times throughout the day? If this information were on your website and easy to access, parents wouldn't have to look up the school's number and take up their time or yours making a phone call.

Managing Office Visits

Any face to face meeting can take up considerable time for both parties. By having an updated website with the ability to collect contact information online allows parents to provide details on their questions or concerns from home.

Customized Branding

The Digtial Bell can make your school look great! We have over 16 years of experience creating professional and user-friendly websites.

Mobile First Design

90% of all families use mobile devices to find information online. With your Digital Bell website all of your content will be accessible to mobile phones and tablets.

Quick Access to Information

Nothing frustrates a visitor to your website more than not finding relevant information. The Digital Bell lets you and ALL of your staff participate in keeping your school's information current and easy to find.

Parental Involvement

Parents want to be involved, but lack of organized processes and notices often impede them from becoming engaged. The Digital Bell has tools to help manage volunteers and keep parents informed on how they can get involved at your school.

Communication Tools

The Digital Bell has options to help distribute your school's information to all your social media sites. You can also build memberships and email distribution lists with The Digital Bell using your websites content.